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  • Vorlíček, Dagmar (forthcoming) 'Science and International Relations: Knowing and making the international’, in de Guevara, B. B. Et al (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Knowledge and Expertise in International Relations. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

  • Vorlíček, Dagmar and Jan Daniel (2023) 'Becoming a new European: the politics and practices of Czech biosecurity infrastructures’, in Klimburg-Witjes, Nina and Paul Trauttmansdorff (Eds.) Infrastructures of Security: Technopolitics and the Making of Europe. London: Routledge: 21-40.  

  • Rychnovská, Dagmar (2020) ‘Security meets science governance: the EU politics of dual-use research’, in C. Lavallée, R. Csernatoni, A. Calcara (eds), Emerging Security Technologies and EU Governance. London: Routledge: 164-176.

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