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Influenced by new materialism, specifically by infrastructural studies, my recent work draws on material-semiotic perspectives to explore how visions of securing society are entangled with socio-material arrangements. Inspired by post-colonial studies, I have been also interested in how some infrastructures of security are invisibilized by mainstream political perspectives and how infrastructures become a field of contestation between different visions of ordering and organizing society and space.


  • Vorlíček, Dagmar and Jan Daniel (forthcoming) 'Becoming a new European: the politics and practices of Czech biosecurity infrastructures’, in Klimburg-Witjes, Nina and Paul Trauttmansdorff (Eds.) Infrastructures of Security: Technopolitics and the Making of Europe. London: Routledge.  

  • Elbe, Stefan, Dagmar Vorlíček and David Brenner (2023) 'Rebels, Vigilantes, and Mavericks: Heterodox Actors in Global Health Governance'. European Journal of International Relations

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